Below are a group of photographs of finished ‘owners-51s’ and a few brief testimonials. I invite more owners of great looking machines to send their best photos in, to compare with these. This is a great place to focus as much T51 information and imagery as possible.¬†First off, I have ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’, a Honda powered T51 belonging to Jeff Paden, from Ohio. This aircraft is a true testament to attention to detail, particularly in the paint scheme. He even has ‘Tromp l’oeil’ machine guns.

Next comes Denis Swarzenbeck’s stunning Brazilian T51, Miss Vanessa. Denis clearly has an eye for the drop-dead gorgeous. This aircraft has already been a star of Youtube. ¬†

If you want a more warlike paint scheme, have a look at Marty Cantlon’s Honda powered T51 in Tuaranga, New Zealand. The aircraft is being flown by test pilot Phil Hooker.

For simplicity and lightness, as well as ‘easy on the eye’, see how Titan dealer Ross Hesom from Canada finished the Suzuki powered ‘Lancer’.

Gallery: owner’s-51s

What a feeling to fly a Mustang! Everywhere we land it becomes an attraction”


Denis Swarzenbeck in Brazil (Suzuki engine)Miss Vanessa”

“Miss Vanessa”

Marty Cantlon’s Honda T51 over the wine growing area of Marlborough.Pictures by Gavin Conroy

South Island… flying out of Omaka Airfield


Ben Chester-masters Milli G in UK

Ben Chester-masters Milli G in UK

Germany: Detlef Ketter’s Miss Diana. Suzuki powered T51. Cockpit below.

Nose art: Miss Diana