Engine Choices


Rotax 912 s

Engine choices….The T51 was originally designed for the Rotax 912. This version of the aircraft has a lighter construction and a MAUW of 1450lb in the UK. With a rating of 100hp, this is the only version with an aerobatic capability, when flown at 1350lb. Cruise speeds of  130mph are achievable, with climb rates up to 1000ft / minute. The Rotax fuel burn is around 20litres / hr in this installation. The Rotax is the least powerful of the available engine choices.

Suzuki 2.7L Mini Merlin for the Titan T51 Mustang

” Suzuki engine on its transport pallet

The current engine choice for the Titan Mustang is the 183hp Suzuki V6. This is adapted from the automotive H27A engine used on the Suzuki XL7 and Grand Vitara 4wd vehicles.

The engines are ‘zero timed’ and adapted by Titan aviation. The gearbox drive is designed by Neil Hintz of Autoflight in New Zealand. This combination, with the Whirlwind propeller has proved itself over many hours in service. The LAA have been involved with certification of this engine, which now has two computerised SDS ignition units. The Suzuki engine has a maximum continuous rpm of 4500. Normal cruise can be anywhere between the 4000 and 4500. Depending upon selected manifold pressure, this yields speeds of  130-155 mph. Top speed is around 165-170 mph. As engine choices go, this is ideal for the airframe.

Engine Installed on Moccas Mustang’s ‘Millie G’

The Autoflight’s gearbox oil is kept separate from the engine oil . It is also used for the constant speed unit, visible at the top right of the photo (left). Exhaust stubbs are the ‘straight through‘ type and produce a wonderful noise, which you can hear on the Video page.

The LAA has been closely involved with design of engine mounts and all aspects of the ‘Suzuki Mini Merlin’s’ installation.

The Suzuki version is now fully LAA Type Certified.

Honda V6 Engine for the Titan Mustang

The Honda V6 J35 engine is a VTEC 245hp unit, taken from such road vehicles as the Honda Pilot.

It is now fully certified in the UK.

This engine is ‘zero timed’ by Titan Aviation and also has the Autoflight gearbox designed by Neil Hintz, in New Zealand. Electronic Ignition is by SDS, and for the UK market, is doubled up. The engine is approximately 100lb (installed) heavier than the Suzuki unit and gives a phenomenal climb rate and higher cruise speeds. The Honda engine sounds slightly more muffled than the Suzuki, but gives a realistic scale speed and outstanding performance.

Titan’s NEW Chevrolet V8……..Now standard fit for Titan. We are building one at Moccas Mustangs for the approval process that was so successful with the Honda and Suzuki. Although the LS3 GM engine has great potential for BIG power, I think we are likely to derate it and take advantage of lower rpm for longevity. It might therefore be best to see it as similar to the Honda in terms of performance for the T51 but it will offer enhanced longevity and easier spares acquisition for the long term. This will be a crate engine (new), RATHER than a rebuild.

Some UK customers are opting for this engine choice already.