Moccas Mustang

Build your own Mustang fighter replica

Moccas Mustang

Photo: Keith Wilson

Moccas Mustang is based in Herefordshire, United Kingdom. I am the UK dealer to Titan Aircraft. The Titan T51 Mustang, is a fully certified, two seat P51 Mustang ‘scale’ replica. This aircraft can now be built and flown under Light Aircraft Association (LAA) rules. At Moccas Mustang, I aim to help make this possible for you by passing on the lessons that I have learnt and introducing you to this fabulous aircraft.

The above picture shows G-TSIM, representing the wartime ‘Millie G’. The paint scheme aims to replicate the original aircraft of that name, flown by Major Eric Giller.

The original North American P51 also came in a B model. Titan aircraft now have a newly developed B Model kit. I’m have just completed one of these (see Facebook Page).

There have been many attempts to replicate the iconic North American P51Mustang, possibly as many as 70. Titan alone have continued to prosper with their version, having produced as many as 200 kits, with scores already flying. The Titan design is now an established part of the American Experimental aircraft scene and has been adopted worldwide.