Titan T51 Mustang

Build your own Mustang fighter replica

Moccas Mustang

Photos: Keith Wilson

Moccas Mustang

Moccas Mustang is UK and European dealer for Titan Aircraft. We are based in Herefordshire, UK.

The Titan T51 Mustang, is a fully certified, two seat P51 Mustang ‘scale’ replica. It is built and  flown under Light Aircraft Association  rules in the UK.

The Titan T51 Mustang (in various specifications) is now fully certified in the UK for Rotax, Suzuki and Honda V6 engines. Moccas Mustang are working on the new GM V8 version, which is Titan’s standard fit. This could be a very exciting addition to the choices of engines for this exciting and proven fighter replica providing great reserves of power with superior longevity.

The T51comes in two styles, the B model and the D model. Both replicate WW2 Mustang variations.

The idea behind the Titan T51 Mustang is to offer most of the fun of flying a full scale P51 Mustang at a tiny fraction of the cost.

The Titan T51 Mustang kit is suitable for most builders with a practical streak and tools required are similar to other common sheet metal kits.

We are here to assist the process and ease the commissioning stage at the end of the build.